• "I smell chlorine!"
  • "Oh, I know! This is called "bullying"!"
  • "Jambo!"
  • "I'm Number 2, and I love curry!"
  • "Kururin worked hard too!"
  • "I'm Number 2! and I like explosions!"
  • "So, you know... If you make one false move, I'll kill you." (To Lisa)
  • "I won't get too involved."
  • "Boom! ... Oh dear. Was that too scary for a sick person?"
  • "I'm Number 2, looking for a girlfriend who can make bombs and good food."
  • "You don't have to apologize anymore." (To Lisa)
  • "What are you doing in a place like this? Are you playing hide and seek? I'll let you borrow this. Because it's lonely hiding by yourself." (To Lisa)

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